The practice of Yoga and its benefits.


Maybe you already enjoy the practice of yoga, but you do not want to practice on your own. Or you may believe you are too stiff to practice yoga, or that you are over-flexible already, yoga will bring you more than just a physical stretch to loosen up your tight muscles or some additional strength to protect your joints.
Give it a try!

Maitri मैरी is a Sanskrit term meaning self-acceptance. It is pronounced like « my tree » and is also often translated as « loving-kindness » or « unconditional friendliness ». In the Buddhist tradition, mindfulness and awareness practices lead to knowing ourselves. At the same time, this self-awareness can lead to unconditionally accepting ourselves just as we are.

The ultimate purpose of yoga is to get to know our true nature. To help us on that path, asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) are two very important elements that are practised during the yoga classes. Accepting oneself as we are while practicing asanas, letting go of the past emotions, thoughts and impressions that we have stored along the years and that manifest in our body, will bring us in the present moment and help us let go of the subconscious imprints that condition us. The use of pranayama techniques will create awareness of the flow of the breath circulating in the whole body. Learning how to control the breath, that is the vehicle of the life energy, the prana, will directly influence on the mind, up to a point it becomes quiet and peaceful.

Yoga offers a path to achieve balance between the body and the mind. It has proven physical benefits (physiological and bio-mechanical) not only on the level of the superficial muscles (stretching, flexibility) or by having a better general posture but as well by developing a core strength, by massaging the internal organs and through a better blood and lymph circulation, amongst other. And by learning how to breathe, there will be an immediate calming effect on the mind! As well, this technique allows us to reach a higher level of concentration, by detaching oneself from the surrounding in order to focus on our inner self. Yoga has therefore important psychological effects and we learn how to controle our autonomous nervous system (involuntary) and impose the predominance of the parasympathetic NS (related to rest and digestive activities) over the sympathetic NS (related to stress and effort).

Maitri Yoga offers different type of yoga practices, fit for your own character and physical condition. Follow the link for more details on the different courses.



I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore, by chance, while in search to do some volunteering work in India, in January 2005. Since then, yoga has grown to become a very important aspect in my daily life, both on a physical level, helping me to deal with my very tight body but as well on a more spiritual level, the practice leading towards a meditative state. Yoga allows me to live more in the present moment. Teaching yoga is for me a way to share this extremly positive life experience with others.


I have been – and still am – practising and learning with my teacher Anne Pinette, since January 2008, in Brussels.
I have attended several workshops with certified/authorized Astanga teachers these past years (Peter Sanson, David Swenson, James Figueira).
I also had the chance to practise in India during extended periods of times for the last 4 years (Rolf and Marci Naujakat in Goa and at KPJAYI in Mysore).
Certified by the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200 Hrs), after following a teacher training at Yoga Thailand with Paul Dallaghan, I also practised Hatha yoga, mainly in Rishikesh (Sushil Khotari) and Mysore(Bharath Shetty).
I recently attended a training in Pranayama for 5 days with the great Indian Master O.P. Tiwari, responsible of the Kaivalyadham research center.
I teach Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, in a traditional way, at my studio Maitri Yoga, in Ixelles, next to ULB.

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